Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Episode 31: Robin III Issue 3

The Huntress and Robin are teaming up to stop some many bad guys in the streets of Gotham during the 90s.  Will Helena and Tim be able to stop exchanging cheap shots at each other to save Drake's friend?  Will Tim be able to convince his counselor that the bruises on his face isn't from the neighbor, Bruce Wayne?  Being a kid is rough, especially when you're a Robin.



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  1. I enjoy this issue a bunch. Tom Lyle's artwork is lovely and the Robin & Huntress fight scenes are so energetic and fun. Huntress' rebound shot with the pool ball was excellent. Looking forward to more.

    Totally agree that Huntress was great being the one to talk Robin out of killing that thug, and makes the case that the only reason Batman and Robin are leery of her "methods" is because the writer "says so", not that her actions or dialog bear it out. So frustrating.

    Ok, you guys asked about Tim's childhood. I haven't read it in a while, but as I recall, his parents were business execs and traveled a lot. That left Tim lots of time to himself, and he was a fan of Batman and Robin, leading him to uncover their secret identities, and confronting them to help them reconcile, impressing Batman enough to recruit Tim as a protege. Shortly after that, Tim's parents were kidnapped by a voodoo cult, and Batman tried to save them, but Tim's mom was killed and dad catatonic. By this point, Tim's dad has improved some, but he's not anywhere his "normal" self physically or emotionally, which could explain his inability to enforce rules on Tim, what with guilt from being an absent parent and surviving while his wife did not.

    I really dig this storyline of Tim's injuries, the school counselor, Bruce, and Tim's dad. I don't remember exactly where it goes, so I'm looking forward to seeing it resolve. But this situation would be far more worrying in the real world. A wealthy single man that lives in an isolated mansion with a habit of "taking boys in"? If the #MeToo movement focused on Bruce Wayne, he'd have a LOT of explaining to do! But I digress.

    I hope this wasn't too much, my Huntrio! Catch you next time!