Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Episode 30: All Star Comics: JSA 73

Trap House battle between Helena Wayne and Paula Brooks for the name The Huntress.  Diane, Laurel, and Ashford discuss not only our favorite, dynamic, hero, but the Justice Society of America as well. 
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  1. I see this issue coming about in 2 possible ways.
    1. After Helena debuted as Huntress, some fans wrote in to say "what happened to the Golden Age Huntress", and the creators said "uh-oh, we better do a story about that!"
    2. Since Paul Levitz strikes me as one of those kinds of fans, he had this matchup in mind immediately when they brainstormed the name "Huntress", and let the story build to this point.

    The Huntresses battle was so great! I loved that Huntress evaded or escaped all of Hun-Brooks traps, and outdid Green Lantern along the way. Fist-pump!!

    Till next episode, same Hunt-time, same Hunt-channel!