Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Episode 29: Robin III Part 2

Diane, Laurel, and Ashford discuss the second saga in the Robin III mini-series.  Huntress swoops in with true hero fashion, saving Young Tim Drake from a true butt-kicking.  Are you a fan of this mini-series?
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  1. So, you all have questions about the villains. I'll try to be brief and accurate, but oh, you don't know what you've unleashed.

    The KGBeast debuted in Batman #417-420, Ten Nights of the Beast, by Jim Starlin and Jim Aparo. He was a mercenary on a mission to disrupt the US SDI program. This is his first appearance since then. He did *not* speak in broken English in that story, and I cannot be standing that here. Dixon was to be amping the Russian-ness. Also, I believe this is the Commissar's first appearance, so no prior history with KGBeast.

    King Snake debuted in Tim Drake's first Robin mini-series. He's almost a cross between Daredevil and Kingpin, because he's blind (probably all his life) and a lethal fighter, businessman both legal and "extralegal". The first mini ended with Robin and Snake fighting, Snake falling from a great height, causing the back injury which is why he's wearing the harness on his spine, and also why he has a huge grudge against Tim. He's appeared in Detective Comics since then once or twice, but not in Robin II.

    You know, that was kinda fun! Hope it helped and wasn't too long. (Narrator: it was too long.)

    About the issue, I'll just say, I enjoy this team-up. Another great episode, Huntrio!