Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Episode 28: All Star Comics 72

Helena Wayne, daughter of Batman and Cat Woman, is now a member of the Justice Society of America!  In this one issue we see Helena triumphant, distressed, and side-lined.  And Helena may have to fight to keep her namesake.  Write to us at or on twitter at @HuntressPodcast.  You can support the show by donating a dollar a month to

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  1. What a fun issue! I love that it only took 2 issues for Huntress to be inducted into the JSA. Nowadays, such a step would have taken much longer, so it was a joy to remember when new members on the team books happened all the time. And having her working well side-by-side with the veteran members was great!

    Glad I wasn't the only one confused by the dialog implying her father had died. As I'm reading along with the show, I seriously thought I was losing it! Sure I'm senile, but didn't think it'd gotten that bad yet! Whew, bullet dodged!

    I only knew about Golden Age Huntress from Who's Who, and that entry probably mentioned this confrontation, so I'm excited to read the next issue. Thanks again, Huntrio!