Thursday, March 5, 2020

Episode 27: Robin III Part 1

Helena Bertinelli is in Gotham, trying to solve a case with some mobsters.  What will happen once The Huntress meet the dynamic duo?  Give us a listen, please.  And we would love it if you wrote to us at  or on Twitter at @HuntressPodcast

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  1. I have a some spot for this mini-series thanks to the artist, Tom Lyle. He created one of my favorite characters in the 80s, the Will Payton Starman. Then he's the artist for the first Robin mini-series, followed by II and III. He defined Tim Drake's look, and his art is clear, fresh, and has such energy. Sadly, Tom passed away last year, too soon IMHO.

    So thank you for the excuse to reread this issue. Not much Huntressing yet in the story, but that'll come soon enough.

    KGBeast: when it comes to his costume, they made a great, simple improvement. You see those red parts on his torso and legs? In his original look, those were exposed skin. SO MUCH BETTER covered up, and less "bondage-ish".

    While we're completely in "this version" of Huntress, I do give credit to Chuck Dixon for using the character at all. And it's just math that "any Huntress" is greater than "no Huntress." Or is that just me.

    Thank you again, Huntrio! Till next episode, same Hunt-time, same Hunt-channel!

  2. Impressive pod cast. Most impressive. I always liked the Huntress. As for her R.B.F. ( Resting witch face.) Well Bats is being a jerk to her. Her Parents are dead. She was coned into being in the JLI and not used.

    Did no man's land happen yet? There's that to. So yeah she's gonna be a bit annoyed. Not that Bats is Mr. Sun shine. Sad she's not in this issue much, but glad she had the detective moment. Hmm, are they printing fake money? Would make since with the paper and the printer press that makes since.

    She's always been a cool character. I am more of a fan of Helana Wayne, but Bertanaly was pretty cool too. I have a U-tube page that I talk about comics and general stuff. That's Elizabeth Anne Oswalt. Any way can't wait to hear the next podcast.