Thursday, February 20, 2020

Episode 26: Bat Family 17

Laurel, Diane, and Ashford discuss two stories, featuring Helena Wayne, who has engaged in some reality bending traveling, landing herself in the middle of Earth One.  Yep, The Huntress is teaming up with Bat-Woman and Batgirl to stop an axis of up to no good.  Could this be the early signs of Birds of Prey?  Tell us your thoughts by leaving us a message at Twitter @HuntressPodcast or

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  1. This issue was amazing! Huntress got to meet practically the entire Earth-One Batman family in this single issue! I would have liked some of the scenes to play out a bit more, like you guys did, but it was some good stuff as well. Huntress giving Robin what for. Meeting both her "mother" and "almost mother". Huntress/Batgirl definitely needed more time together though, but also hard to picture Batgirl even visiting Earth Two. But such a fun issue.

    Unrelated to Huntress, the big lesson from this issue is that the JLA transporters are not following EPA guidelines regarding leakage into mystical barriers. Dang, those things need better shielding!

    Thanks for the great discussion, gang!