Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Episode 22: All Star Comics 69, 70, & 71

The Wright On Network discuss All Star Comics 69, 70, and 71, where Helena Wayne is being introduced to not on the Justice Society of America, but to the comic book readers as well.  The Huntress Podcast explores the beginnings of the Batman's daughter.  Write to us at or on twitter @HuntressPodcast.  You can be a patreon by going to

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  1. Great episode, Ashford and Diane! I had started checking out these first appearances of Helena Wayne last year, thinking of a Power Girl/Huntress read-thru since I hadn't read these comics before. But with you covering the stories, I'll definitely read along with the show.

    I always wondered if the mask for Wayne's costume was deliberately modeled on Kathy Kane Batwoman's mask or not. Is there even an Earth-2 Batwoman? Maybe this will be answered as time goes on.

    Looking forward to more! Thanks, gang!