Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Huntress Podcast #21 (Justice League International Special #2

At the end of Season 1 of the Huntress Podcast, we are covering Justice League International Special #2: The Huntress, where some of the loose ends to Helena Bertinelli's story is tied up.  Don't worry, the podcast is taking a short break, and we will be back in season 2 of the Huntress podcast January 1st 2020.  Write to us at

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  1. Hi gang! This was an interesting issue, but sadly, I sold my copy a while ago and can't find it on digital platforms, which is a shame when the DCU app has this entire Huntress run. This special is utterly a part of that run, so hopefully it'll reach digital sooner than later.

    I think it's interesting for Cavalieri to have Helena ask "what's the point of being on this team". It's not like Joey did any stories involving the JLI in Huntress before this special. He could have, but chose not to. So I'm not sure if there's something more to him putting the question out there.
    Was DC editorial a problem?
    Did he have problems with Giffen in terms of how to portray Huntress?
    Did Joey even disapprove of the way she "joined" the JLI?

    All in all, I liked it as a wrap to this part of Helena's life. And you guys did a great job discussing the issue as always. Thanks again, Huntressories! Looking forward to Season 2!