Saturday, December 10, 2022

Outcasters Episode 33

AJ, Sara and Tim discuss Batman and the Outsiders #30 from 1985, “This Envious Race”, brick houses, Halley’s comet, underground fashion, and family haircuts.



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  1. Hello and Happy New Year, my Outcasting friends! Hope all is well with the 3 of you.

    I absolutely enjoyed your tangent on Jason Aaron's Thor run at the start of this episode. You may have noticed on my Twitter feed that I've been reading his run for the first time since last summer. I'm up to the War of the Realms, so almost done. It's great, especially the Jane Foster issues.

    As for this comic, I'm in the same boat as last time around. The story just isn't doing much for me and the art looks fantastic. I know we have one more to go - I've already read it and you've already put out the next episode covering it - but I'll be glad to see it gone. Still fun to hear you talk about it, though.

    Until next time...