Saturday, August 20, 2022

Outcasters Episode 29

AJ, Sara and Tim discuss Batman and the Outsiders #26 from 1985, Serpent In The Sky, Kobra’s onboarding process, SDI, and Bruce Wayne’s hair.



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  1. Hello, Sara, AJ, and Tim! I am back from the fields and ready to hear your message. Well, I already heard your message and now I'm going to respond to the episode. That's how it works in this cult, right? Boy, I need something to snack on...

    You know, maybe these issue shouldn't have focused on the "Star Wars" initiative and focused instead on the branding wars that were clearly happening between Kobra and Batman. That's the real reason why Kobra decided to go after Bruce - no more Bat-boats and Bat-Copters. All merchandisssse musssst be branded with Kobra's ssssstamp! Yeah, I'm feeling a bit peckish...

    Here is where I will nominate "Worth More Than a Penny Island" for the name of Alfred's island escape. Hmm, wonder he Alfred has any nuts lying around that I could eat...

    The HR jokes were great. The big joke, of course, is that Kobra has no HR department. Wonder if HR has any snacks available...

    I have a recommendation for my Power Pop Pal (still trying to make this happen, AJ) is the new album by Mike Adams at His Honest Weight, Graphic Blandishment. Maybe you saw my tweet about it. Guess I should eat a healthy snack, yeah?

    Okay, that's all for this time. I feel like you guys gave me some advice, but can't remember what that is. Maybe eating some walnuts will help me recall. [Puts a walnut in his mouth] Oh yeah, now I remem...ACK! [Thump]