Sunday, February 16, 2020

Episode 25: Detective Comics 653

Helena Bertinelli, daughter of a mafia Don, is now living in Gotham as a teacher, while being pulled back into one of her former jobs as The Huntress.  She joins forces with Batman to take down some bad guys while making a tough decision that upsets Batman.  But of course, we love Helena for her detective skills, fierceness, and determination to do what is right. 
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  1. I completely agree, this was the turning point for Bertinelli making her part of Batman's cast, but as the "bad" one. She's not doing anything wrong, and her only crime is not following Batman's rules precisely. Now that I've read her original series, I like this change even less. And it's the one that stuck for years. Ugh.

    I do enjoy the interior art specifically. For the cover, I'm sorry, but Batman looks terrible, and Huntress' costume is too 90s extreme titillation. The costume can't change soon enough.

    Another great episode, Huntrio!